Who is Russell Monteith?

I am Russell Monteith, a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of New York and sole owner of this PLLC. The bulk of my prior tax experience was working in New York City for a prestigious accounting firm. I treat each client's tax situation as unique and thrive to deliver the utmost care and value as if it was my own.

I have focused on tax accounting professionally for over a decade. I've done great work with businesses large and small as well as non-profits. I've worked with individuals both small and wealthy; clients both domestic and international. I'm also familiar with the intricacies of trusts and gift taxes, as well as inheritance. My wide array of experience sets me apart from others in the industry.

What else can Russell do?

I also offer web development services. In addition to traditional website services, my financial knowledge makes me uniquely qualified to help your company develop your own internal accounting, financial, or bookkeeping applications. There are many areas of a business that can be improved which can save you and your clients lots of time and I can help you make it happen. See some of my programming work here. I also built this entire website from scratch.